My name is Patrícia Nunes and I'm a PVC Figure Collector from Portugal. As a collector, I'm always struggling with space, priorities and recycling figures from my own collection. 

I'm constantly trying to accomplish the "perfect collection", according to my own taste and liking of characters, Anime and Manga, that are my favorites and which describe me as a person. I tend to collect Japanese Scale Figures and my favorite brands are Kotobukiya and Good Smile Company.

I decided to unite both my personal hobby with my Graphic Design career and just like this, Hobby Neko was born to accomplish my daily need but in a more professional way.

Created by a collector for other collectors, Hobby Neko excels in recycling old figures and give an opportunity to the newest collectors to own old released figures that are no longer available in the markets nowadays.

Neko is the name of our mascot, always in an awkward position and funny faces, paw approving the latest news and bargains!